Press centre

The Monaco Yacht Show has a press centre on the venue reserved for the accredited press. It is a working area and source of information on the superyacht market exhibited at the MYS.

› Free access to office equipment and computer services,
› The press packs of the exhibitors,
› The MYS press pack,
› A download service for daily pictures taken by the MYS photographers.

Quai Antoine Ier tent (entrance)

Johan Pizzardini
Communication & Media Manager

Phone: (+377) 93 10 41 70
Fax: (+377) 93 10 41 71

Virginie Proaskat
Media Assistant

Phone: (+377) 93 10 41 70
Fax: (+377) 93 10 41 71

Inside the Monaco Yacht Show
The press accreditation given by the MYS allows shooting (filming, photography) in the MYS venue during the opening hours (10 am – 6.30 pm) from the tents or quays (access to the yachts remains private and only upon authorisation of the exhibiting company).


From the Principality of Monaco
Shooting in the Principality of Monaco is subject to an authorisation granted by the Internal Affairs Department. This authorisation allows to film the whole Principality with the exception of the Palace Forecourt and the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco premises (casino, Hotels...)

In case some shooting has to be made on the Palace Forecourt, a further request is sent to the press department of the Prince’s Palace (Tel: (+377) 93 25 18 31).
Otherwise, if pictures of the various Monte-Carlo SBM premises are to be taken, please contact the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco press department (Tel: (+377) 98 06 63 60).


Use of drones prohibited in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show

The government of the Principality of Monaco prohibits all use of drones in the Principality and its territorial waters during the period of activity of the Monaco Yacht Show. This period extends from Saturday September 23rd at 8 am to Monday October 2nd at 6 pm.

Any company responsible for unauthorized drone flights during the above-mentioned period will be liable to a fine of between €2250 and €9000 according to article 2 number 2 of the Monegasque penal code.

You are hereby informed that only MC CLIC, official supplier to the MYS, is authorized to use drones during the period of the Monaco Yacht Show. Please contact this company for any aerial photo or filming requirements (MC CLIC, Erwan Grimaud, ).


Download the request for shooting authorisation in Monaco