The Exhibitor badge is nominative and only for representatives and employees of the exhibiting company.


You can access the MYS from 8am to 7.30pm (tents are closed at 8pm) upon presentation of your Exhibitor badge at the entrances (you have to wear your badge to access the show venue during the setting-up and dismantlings periods, during the show and at night*).

*If the exhibitor attends events inside the show venue outside the opening hours.


Access to the show for your suppliers: download a service provider pass.


 Quantity of granted Exhibitor badges

Type of participation (stand or yacht)

Quantity of badges granted



 From 6 m² to 12,99 m²


 From 13 m² to 25,99 m²


 From 26 m² to 40,99 m²


 From 41 m² to 71,99 m²


 Double deck pavilion (72 m²)


 Over 72,10 m² 


 Exhibition of a yacht (with a stand)


 Exhibition of a yacht (with no stand)


 Co-exhibitor of a yacht (with a stand)


 Co-exhibitor of a yacht (with no stand)


 Exhibition of a tender (with a stand)


 Exhibition of a tender (with no stand)








Deadline to order your Exhibitor badges 

Until 06/09/2019 included, you can make new orders or change your pending order from the registration form of the Exhibitor badges (accessible from your dashboard).

After that date, your order will be definitively validated. For any changes, one of your company representatives will have to show-up at the welcome desk of your corresponding entrance.


NB : the MYS Organisation Committee reserves the right to cancel from your order any anonymous badge or in the name of a person who does not form part of the exhibiting company.


Order additional Exhibitor badges

Additional badge (per unit): € 80 VAT incl. (nominative)

Duplicata of a badge (per unit): € 30 VAT incl. (re-edition of a nominative badge if lost. Payment to be made when collecting the badge).

How to collect your Exhibitor badges?

The Exhibitor badges must be directly collected at the show from 23/09/2019, from 9 am to 7 pm.

You must collect your badges at the entrance that corresponds to your exhibition area:



Pick-up point

Quai Louis II entrance

Quai Antoine Ier entrance

Parvis Piscine entrance

Exhibition area 

(stand or yacht) 

Quai Louis II

Quai Antoine Ier

Appontement Jules Soccal

Quai l'Hirondelle

Darse Sud

Parvis Piscine

Quai Chicane

Quai Rainier Ier

Quai Albert Ier

Quai des Etats-Unis

Quai Rainier III

Quai Jarlan

Jetée Lucciana


 NB: if you have a stand AND a yacht, all your badges must be collected at the entrance that corresponds to the exhibition area of your stand, not your yacht.