The Daily Pass (formerly One Day Pass) is a daily entry valid for one person (10am-6.30pm. Access allowed until 5.30pm) for your business customers.


The voucher e-Daily Pass

The exhibitor sends his voucher e-daily Passes by email directly from the sending module on the Exhibitor Zone (more details below).

The printed Daily Pass

The exhibitor orders a quantity to print and to collect at the MYS Organisation (shipping in charge of the exhibitor).


How many Daily Passes (digital or printed) am I granted?

Type of participation (stand or yacht)

Quantity of badges granted



From 6m² to 12,99m²


From 13m² to 25,99m²


From 26m² to 40,99m²


From 41m² to 71,99m²


Double storey pavilion (72m²)


Over 72,10m²


Exhibition of a yacht (with a stand or not)


Exhibition of a tender (with a stand or not)


Co-exhibition of a yacht (with stand)


Co-exhibition of a yacht (with no stand)



Order additional vouchers for Daily Passes


Voucher for a Daily Pass (per unit): € 25 VAT incl.


Your contact: Nicholas Placidi -


Important: it is strictly forbidden and illegal to re-sale the Monaco Yacht Show vouchers for Daily Passes. In case of infringement, the Monaco Yacht Show Organisation Committee has the right to prosecute the company or the person who does not comply with this rule.


How to use my vouchers for Daily Passes ?

Two types of vouchers for Daily Passes: the e-voucher for a Daily Pass and the printed voucher for a Daily Pass. Your guest will first receive a voucher to finalize the registration of his Daily Pass (see conditions below).
Choose the distribution of your e-vouchers and printed vouchers for Daily Passes ("My Daily Pass" section in your Exhibitor Zone).

Get your Daily Passes for your guests every day before the show:
You have the possibility to present your vouchers before the opening of the show to collect your Daily Passes (Wednesday from 9 am Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 9.30).



1. The e-voucher for a Daily Pass (online shipping module available until 29/09/2018).

- Send an e-voucher for a Daily Pass to one person: send a Pass to your guest by simply entering the email address from your Exhibitor Zone.


- Send multiple e-vouchers for Daily Pass to one person (New): This solution allows you to send a batch quantity of Daily Passes to one person.


- Send to a guest list: Organise your emailing list to send e-vouchers by uploading your guest list from an Excel file.


Protection of personal data: according to the law on the protection of personal data, the MYS does not have access to the reading or the exploitation of any databases entered for the sending of electronic Daily Pass.


Download the tutorial



2. Printed voucher for a Daily Pass (quantity to confirm by 13/07/2018).

- Vouchers for Daily Passes to collect at MYS: You can collect the quantity of vouchers you've ordered from Monday, September 24, 2018 at the show entrances. You manage their distributions to your guests.


- Vouchers for Daily Passes to receive by mail: the shipping must be plan by the exhibitor (at the exhibitor's charge). Shipping to organise with an express courier service (TNT, DHL, FedEx ...).


Once the collect is programmed, send your dispatch note to so that our services can prepare your package.


You will be informed when your package is available in our Monaco-based offices.


How does your guest validate his visit to the MYS?


  1. Your guest receives a voucher (electronic or paper) with a unique access code to his Visitor Zone to register his Daily Pass.
  2. Once the voucher is registered in his personal zone, he only needs to present the QR Code at the show entrances to receive his Daily Pass (Fast lane access).

Note: if your guest does not first register his Daily Pass from his Visitor Zone, he will have to finalize his registration directly at the entrances of the show (classic access).


Procedure to repeat as many times as the number of Daily Passes your guest has.