The Daily Pass gives access to the show for one day for one person (from 11 am to 7.30 pm. Access authorized until 6.30 pm) for your business customers.


Number of Daily Passes by type of participation


Type of participation (stand or yacht)

Quantity of badges granted



From 6m² to 12,99m²


From 13m² to 25,99m²


From 26m² to 40,99m²


From 41m² to 71,99m²


Double storey pavilion (72m²)


Over 72,10m²


Exhibition of a yacht (with a stand or not)


Exhibition of a tender (with a stand or not)


Co-exhibition of a yacht (with stand)


Co-exhibition of a yacht (with no stand)



Order additional vouchers for Daily Passes


Voucher for a Daily Pass (per unit): € 25 VAT incl.


Your contact: Federica Ficarra,


Important: it is strictly forbidden and illegal to re-sale the Monaco Yacht Show vouchers for Daily Passes. In case of infringement, the Monaco Yacht Show Organisation Committee has the right to prosecute the company or the person who does not comply with this rule.


How to use your Daily Passes ?


Two formats of Daily Pass:

  • Daily electronic pass
  • Daily Pass printed


From the "Daily Pass" management module (Exhibitor Zone menu), you can:

  • Send your passes (single mail or mass mails by importing your mailing file),
  • Directly download the pass for your own perusal,
  • Order printed passes (with order deadline)


How to collect my printed Daily Passes?

Your printed passes order is available at the MYS offices in August.


Two withdrawal modes:


  1. By post (at the charge of the exhibitor)
  • The MYS warns you of the availability of your package on its premises in Monaco.
  • Schedule the delivery of your Daily Pass (express courier TNT, DHL, FedEx ...).
  • Send your electronic mailing slip to the MYS for parcel preparation.


  1. Withdraw directly to the MYS
  • Your Daily Passes are available at the same MYS entrance where you pick up your badges (ref/ Collection of Exhibitor badges) from Monday 23 September 2019 (9am-7pm).


You are responsible for distributing your printed Daily Passes to your guests.


How does your guest access the MYS?

Your guest presents the QR code indicated on his Daily Pass at the MYS entrances (during public opening hours). An access badge is issued.