A Yacht Owner badge is delivered to the yacht owner and/or his/her family members in order to get on board the yacht anytime needed (day and night).


The preliminary registry of a Yacht Owner badge must be made by the Captain from his Captain Zone. The exhibitor of the yacht can still view the Yacht Owner badges registered by the Captain in the dashboard of his own Exhibitor Zone.


Quantity of granted Yacht Owner badges

Segment of yacht Quantity of Yacht Owner badges
< 50m 2
> 50,01m 4


How to collect your Yacht Owner badge(s)?

The "Yacht Owner" badge is delivered at the Yacht reception desk at Virage Louis Chiron.


Order additional "Yacht Owner" badges

  • Additional badge (per unit): 100 € per badge
  • Duplicate badge (per unit): 80 € (in case of loss of a badge already published - payment to be made by the Captain)