The semi-equipped stand includes:


- The carpet gray color

- The dividers :

  • - aluminum / gray-colored in air-conditioned tents
  • - white in outdoor areas
  • - Beech color for Designer's Gallery

- A sign with the name of the company and its stand number

- Electricity and light spots defined according to the size of the stand


Furniture is not included (see below)


Any additional decoration of the stand is carried out at the expense of the exhibiting company.


Furniture or exhibition material rental

Please contact the MYS official suppliers.


Before the opening day of the show, the exhibitor is committed to check:

The semi-equipped is delivered in good condition,

The furniture or the exhibition materials rent to the official service supplier are delivered in good condition (if you confirmed an order).


Any damage shall be claimed to the welcome desk of the MYS general installer before the opening day of the show (desk at the official supplier zone). The welcome desk opens on 24/09/2018 from 8 am to 8 pm.


It is forbidden to :

• Set up any exhibition material or furniture outside the stand,
• Nail, glue or drill any hole on the partitions of the stands (in order to fix posters, removable Velcro or special sticky tape or a system made of chains are sold (€ 33) at the official supplier zone at the bend Louis Chiron),
• Set up an air-conditioning system (for stands in the outdoor tents). You must contact the MYS Organisation Committee for a quote.


PLEASE NOTE: the Organisation Committee will invoice the exhibitor for replacement of partitions in case of damage (€ 150 VAT excl. /per partition). Any loss of equipment rented from official suppliers will be invoiced after the show.