Rights and obligations of the MYS Organisation Committee

The MYS commits to supply all the following facilities for the exhibitor's custom-made stand:

• The rough floor (matching to the surface in sqm reserved),
• Power plug,
• Carpet or furniture are not included.


For safety reasons or breach of the regulations regarding the setting up of your stand, the MYS Organisation Committee reserves the right to dismantle or modify all or part of the elements of your stand. Financial consequences are at the expense of the exhibiting company.


The MYS Organisation Committee is not responsible for any potential slight differences of the measurements between the dimensions of the layout transmitted and the accurate dimensions noticed on site.


Caroli Expo company, official supplier of the MYS, offers a range of semi-customed stands of 9m², 12m² and 18m².


Offered type of stands
MYS CURVO exhibitor zone
MYS LUNGO exhibitor zone
MYS RETRO exhibitor zone
MYS SE ADHE exhibitor zone
MYS LUX exhibitor zone
MYS LUX stand
Contact Caroli Expo:
Mathilde Jorge


Responsibilities and obligations of the exhibitor
with a custom-made stand

As exhibitor, you commit to carry out the design, setting up and decoration of your exhibition stand according to the technical requirements for setting up and layout of the stand (see here below).


If you plan to study the possibility of a custom-made stand, you are requested to liaise with your MYS sales contact the sooner the better.


NOTE: the MYS logistics team will do the necessary to quickly answer all your questions by 24/08/2018. Any request sent after that date will be dealt within a few days. We thank you for your understanding.


Technical requirements of a custom-made stand

REMINDER: please make sure you inform your stand builder of the following rules before carrying out the design of your stand for the MYS.


The Exhibition surface: check the accurate measurements of your exhibition space and forward them to your stand builder.


Building material: the choice of the building materials for the stand follows strict requirements. The exhibitor and his supplier commit to ensure observance of these regulations. Inflammable materials are forbidden in the building of the stand. The combustible waste must be kept away safely. Empty boxes and various packing must not be kept on the stands. Fire extinguishers are available in the alleys of the show.


The rough floor: technical flooring over 2.5 cm high must incorporate an access ramp for people with limited mobility.
The maximum weight allowed on the floor of the stands is 400 kg/m².


All exhibition of equipment bordering on this load will require the request of a special authorization from the Organisation Committee due to the difficulties of transporting the equipment to the stand location. Moreover, transport of the said equipment will have to be handled by the official service provider, namely the Office Maritime Monegasque.


In addition, exhibitors are responsible for having the floors of their stands reinforced at their expenses which will be installed by the Organisation Committee.


Open-corner stands: all stands with an open corner (two open sides giving onto an aisle in the show or onto any other open space) must preserve this corner unaltered; it is prohibited to put up a wall or any other construction of an equivalent height that could obstruct vision (a rule that applies to all zones of the MYS and particularly to open-cornered stands in air-conditioned tents).


Maximum height:


Maximum height of the walls of the stand limited to 3 meters.


REMINDER: any element / wall exceeding 2.40 m in height must be covered / decorated on both sides (neutral color finish without logo or spot light because the back of your wall is juxtaposed with neighboring stands).


Exhibition area


Air-conditioned tents (Darse Sud, Parvis Piscine, Quai Albert Ier)

Maximum height of the walls of your custom-made stand is limited to 3 metres.


Please note that from a height of 2,4 metres, you must cover/decorate both sides of your walls (finishing of a neutral colour without logo nor luminous spotlight because the back of your wall is side by side of the surrounding stands).

Other areas

Please comply with the dimensions indicated in My stand.


NOTE: it is forbidden to hang up anything from the tents ceilings.


Electrical installations: all electrical fittings and connections on a stand must be carried out by the electricity company Davidson, official MYS supplier.

You undertake to check the electrical power required on your stand beforehand, so that extra power can be ordered to Davidson if need be. The use of unsuitable electrical power creates a risk of power cuts or fire.


It is strictly forbidden to alter the electrical installation provided at the stand, or to connect to any electrical installation other than the one allocated to your stand. Check-outs will be carried out by the Safety Commission and the company Davidson. In case of dispute, the MYS Organisation Committee will take the decision.


Signage under an air-conditioned tent: you are allowed to fit a signage element of 1m H x 1.5m W max above your walls.

Please contact the MYS Organisation Committee to check if the position of your stand in the air-conditioned tent allows you to make this kind of signage (Signage MYS provider ).


Signagne for outdoor stands: the setting-up of an advertising signage (flags, balloons…) outside your stand is submitted to the authorization of the MYS Organisation Committee.


Access to gangways and emergency exits: the width of the aisles complies with legal minimum regulatory measurements. Exhibitors are forbidden to place furniture outside their stands.


Storage service: stands can only keep a limited quantity of equipment or documentation. See OMM for any need for large storage during the show.


IMPORTANT: It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to provide to his builders all the necessary information and rules about the rented exhibition space.
Shall the builder not comply with the above mentioned rules, the Exhibitor will be held responsible for the not-conformity of the exhibition space or for any damage caused by his builder. Please inform your stand builder that he has access to a dedicated online zone "Stand builder".


Stands technical check-out

The MYS Safety Officer, Fouzi Boutira, remains at your disposal for any question regarding the safety rules to comply with for the setting up of custom-made stands. Please contact him before the finalisation of your stand.


The MYS Safety Commission checks out the stands on 25/09/2018.


Yourself or a qualified representative of your company must be present on the stand during the whole day. He must make available to the Safety Commission any useful information such as fire-proofing certificates, name of the owners, of the decorators.

The MYS Organisation Committee declines any liability in case of the closing down of a stand ordered by the Safety Commission further to non-observance of regulations (Refer to the regulations with the MYS Safety Officer, Carmine Pettinato).