Responsibilities and Obligations Monaco Yacht Show (MYS)


The MYS is committed to providing the exhibitor with:


  • The gross floor (corresponding to the area ordered)
  • Connection to electricity.


(Carpet or furniture not included).


For reasons of safety or disrespect of the regulations on the building of your stand, the MYS Organizing Committee reserves the right to uninstall or modify all or part of the elements of the stand (financial consequences at the charge of the exhibiting company).

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the probable slight differences in size between the dimensions of the exhibition area communicated and the actual dimensions found on site.


The exhibitor

The exhibitor undertakes to design, build and develop his stand according to the technical specifications of building and designing the layout of the stand (see below).


The MYS is at your disposal for:

- Any custom-stand project study (contact your sales contact at MYS),
- Any questions on your stand (any request sent after 23/08/2019 will be processed within several days, thank you for your understanding).


Need a stand fitter?


The MYS recommends the company Atelier Phoenix, official provider, specialist in the study and the building of custom-made stands (Contact here).


Technical specifications


The Exhibitor undertakes to provide his stand builder with all the information necessary for the building of his stand.

If the stand builder does not respect the required technical and logistical specifications, the exhibitor is responsible for any defect or damage caused by his builder.

Your stand builder will find all this information from his dedicated space ("Stand Builder"). Access codes to be requested by the stand or exhibitor at the MYS.

Exhibition area: transmit the useful dimensions of your bare surface.


Regulations to follow:

The exhibitor and his service provider undertake to ensure compliance with strict regulations.

- Flammable materials are banned
- Combustible waste must be made safe
- Empty cardboard boxes and miscellaneous packaging must not be kept on the stands
- Fire extinguishers are available in the aisles of the show.


Floor of the stand

- Any technical floor of + 2.5cm high must include a ramp with disabled access for people with reduced mobility.
- Maximum authorized load: 400 Kg/m².


If your exhibition material is close to 400kg / m²:

- Make a request for authorization from the MYS (given the difficulties of routing to the stand). The delivery of this material must be ordered to the official provider Office Maritime Monégasque.
- Order the reinforcement of the floor to the general installer of the MYS.


Open angle stands

- Any open angle on a stand must be kept (two sides open on an alley or any other free space).
- Prohibition to set up a wall or any equivalent installation in height which can obstruct the view (rule valid on all the zones of the MYS and particularly for the open angle stands of the air-conditioned tents).
- Prohibition of suspending anything from the ceilings of the tents.

Exhibition area


Air-conditioned tents (Darse Sud, Parvis Piscine, Quai Albert Ier)

Maximum height of the partitions: 3 meters.

From 2.4m, you must decorate / dress both sides of your partitions (neutral colours, no logo or spot light since your partitions are side by side with the neighbouring stand).

Other areas

 See dimensions in My stand.

Electrical Installation

Only the electrician Davidson, official provider of the MYS, is authorized to carry out installations and electrical connections on stand.


- First check the electrical power required on your stand,
- If needed, order additional power to Davidson,
- Formal prohibition to modify the electrical installation provided,
- Formal prohibition of connecting to any other electrical installation than that of your stand,

Risks of fire or power outages if the electrical power used is unsuitable.

The MYS Safety Commission and Davidson will check the installations. In case of dispute, the decision will be returned to the MYS Organizing Committee.


Access to the aisles and emergency exits

The width of the aisles corresponds to the legal minimum dimensions.

It is forbidden to put furniture outside your booth.


Storage service

Given the limited material storage or documentation capacity on your stand, you can order a storage service.


Technical control of the stands

A technical or security question on the building of your stand?

Contact MYS Security Commissioner Fouzi Boutira.


Technical control of the stands on 24/09/2019.

The manager or a qualified representative of the exhibiting company must be present on the stand all day.

Documents to prepare for the control:

- Fireproofing certificates

- Name of contractors

- Name of the decorators

- Any other information useful for the technical validation of your stand


The Organizing Committee of the MYS declines any responsibility in case of closure of a stand ordered by the Safety Commission for non-observance of the regulations (regulations in consultation with the safety officer).

From 2019:

You must respect the assembly times imposed by the MYS.

No night work will be allowed.