Exhibitor's commitments

 Presence on stand

The minimum of a suitable representative of the company must remain on the stand for the duration of the fair (11am-7.30pm).


Security on stand

The MYS provides permanent surveillance of the entire salon 24 hours a day (security guards).

However, this device does not prevent theft. We recommend you to:

- Monitor your personal belongings on your booth during the day,

- Lock up your valuable equipment in the eventual reserve of your stand every night,

- Engage a security officer for the individual supervision of your stand (security agency)


Selective sorting

Waste packaging / paper: garbage bags are at your disposal (yellow = packaging, blue = paper) for your selective sorting of assembly until disassembly of the MYS.

Food waste and / or not recyclable: thank you to provide your own garbage bags.


Map of waste recovery areas on the MYS