Any exhibitor on a stand under an air-conditioned tent agrees to comply with the delimitation of the floor area of its exhibiting stand for the installation of any commercial display. As such, it is strictly forbidden to put any horizontal advertising display (trestle, documents display case, advertising boards....).


Advertising signage on yachts: click here


The regulation for setting promotional signage at the MYS concerns all stands under the outdoor exhibition tents of the MYS. The communication tools and signage elements can only be set up during the four days of the show.


General conditions

A request for displaying any vertical advertising signage (flags, balloons...) outside your stand is subject to the authorisation of the MYS Organisation Committee and to payment of advertising rights (to be made prior to the MYS). The authorization for setting up a balloon on a stand is given according to the location of the stand.


Modus operandi for an authorisation

Once your request is firstly approved by the MYS Organisation Committee, it will be forwarded to The Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility (Direction de la Prospective et de l’Urbanisme - DPUM), which will give the finale approval for setting up the material of advertising signage. If your request is uncomplete, the DPUM will directly contact you.


If you do not inform the MYS Organisers of your advertising signage before the show starts, you will be charged a 10% increase on your invoice (even If your advertising signage complies with the technical requirements in force).


Commitments of the exhibitor

The exhibitor commits to:
• produce and set up its own advertising signage on its stand, its yacht or tender.
• only promote its own company; this excludes the promotion of any other commercial brand or company that is not registered as exhibitor in the MYS, and this, even if the exhibiting company has a commercial agreement with the third party.


Any signage element that is set up and does not comply with the terms and conditions of advertising signage will be automatically dismantled.


Information on the signage supports on the stands in the outdoor tents

  Flag(s) outside the stand Helium balloon
Type of stand allowed
(outdoor tents only)
- Semi-equipped stand,
- Custom-made stand.
- Semi-equipped stand,
- Custom-made stand.
Advertising fee € 500 VAT excl. per flag. € 1,500 VAT excl. per balloon.
Maximum dimensions 5500mm (above the ground level). - 1600mm (diametre),
- 4000mm (height).
Technical specifications/Requirements The flag shall be autonomous, fixed to a ballasted base.Only for custom-made stands:
The flag can be fixed to the structure of the stand.
The setting up of a balloon is approved according to the location of the stand.The balloon shall be:
- autonomous, fixed to a ballasted base,
- lowered every evening (can not remain aloft by night),
- lowered if winds over 15km/h,
- set up only from Tuesday (eve of the show),
- lifted up from Wednesday morning (opening day of the show).
It is forbidden It is forbidden to set up flags on the structure of the MYS exhibition tent. It is forbidden to set up balloons on the structure of the MYS exhibition tent.


Documentation proofs to supply

• your authorisation request,
• a document attesting the status of the applicant,
• a detailed draft of the advertisement with dimensions,
• a photomontage with the advertisement set on the yacht,
• the dates of set-up and dismantling of the advertisment,
• the certification of solidity of the anchorage points: an inspection agency from Monaco has to provide a written certificate that must be handed to the DPUM.


Recommended inspection agency:


Sam APAVE Monaco

Le Roc Fleuri, 1 Rue de Tenao 

98000 Monaco
T. +377 93 25 47 19


Files to supply to the MYS by: 12/07/2019.

Your contact: Laura


If you need to produce and set up your balloon, you can contact Exhibit, official supplier of the MYS.