REMINDER: for any types of exhibition surface (tent only or semi-equipped stand), you are granted a connection to electricity. The power supplied is calculated according to the size of your stand :


Stand size

Power supply / Quantity of plug(s) supplied

From 6 m² to 18.99 m²

1 Kw / 1 plugs

From 19 m² to 24.99 m²

2 Kw / 2 plugs

From 25 m² to 35.99 m²

3 Kw / 2 plugs

From 36 m²

4 Kw / 2 plugs


Note for the semi-equipped stands: a rail fo spotlights is supplied with the stand (quantity of spotlights calculated according to the size of the stand):


Stand size Quantity of spotlights supplied
From 6 m² to 12.99 m² Rail of 2 spotlights
From 13 m² to 18.99m² Rail of 3 spotlights
From 18 m² Rail of 4 spotlights


Stands at Quai l'Hirondelle only : The power supply will work from 13/09/2019. Before that date, a yard electricity station will be provided mainly for the tools of the stand fitters.


Request for additional electric power or equipment

(Rails of spots, extension cables, multi plugs)


You will find the order form in "My Stand" / "Electricity". Please complete it by 02/09/2019 (the availability of the items is not guaranteed after the deadline).


After the receipt of your order, the invoice is sent to you by post (same address of invoicing as the one indicated on your participation form).
Payment of your invoice for rental of additional electric power has to be made before the MYS in order to benefit from this service.


Reminder of the rules for electrical installation

The electrical connections made by the exhibitors should comply with the C15-100, C12-200 French norms.


The conductors used should be of no flame propagator, with a section appropriate to the power to supply, and will never have a section lower than 1,5 mm2.


Exhibitor's liability

The exhibitor is deemed responsible for any damage caused by a bad electrical installation set up by himself or provided by a service that is not officially authorised by the MYS Organisation Committee.


The exhibitor is deemed responsible for any damaged caused by a modification of the original electric connections installed by the MYS Organisation Committee.


It is strictly forbidden to use an air-conditioning device not provided by the Monaco Yacht Show. Please contact Sabrina Sallen for further information :


The Organisation Committee declines any liability for any damage caused by the exhibiting company that has disregarded the installation instructions.