A forklifts rental service with driver (rent per hour) for your company and/or stand fitters is supplied by Office Maritime Monégasque.


Charges subject to the clauses and conditions of the French Federation of Forwarding Agents and Auxiliaries, custom brokers and air and sea forwarding agents.




Labor on site


specialized stand installers

39 VAT excl. / hour (day)*.

Quotation on request.

Higher rate for weekend and night hours.

Forklift trucks

Payload up to 2.5 tons.

Included in the price of unloading and delivering to stand.

Administration fees

18 VAT excl.

Fully comprehensive insurance**

On request


* Minimum charge: one hour. Every hour commenced will be invoiced at the rate of one hour of work.


** Insurance: goods handled and transported within the confines of the exhibition site. Our responsibility for handling is limited to € 20 per kilo up to a maximum of € 750 per package, unless you have declared a value in which case no-excess insurance will be taken out at the rate of 1% of declared value. Place of jurisdiction: Monaco.




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