A cleaning service is provided by the Monaco Yacht Show. It includes the cleaning of carpets and waste paper baskets on each stand every morning.


If you require a cleaning service for collecting your voluminous waste (parts of your stand structure, exhibition material…) when the show is over, or for any supplementary service, please contact our official service provider TOP NETT.




Article 7 : waste management/ cleaning - guard duty, in the stand participation contract

a) The Organiser arranges for the venue and the alleys within the exhibition areas to be cleaned during the setting up and dismantling processes as well as the Show itself. A minimum cleaning service is provided on the exhibition spaces each morning (vacuuming the floor, emptying waste paper bins). If the Exhibitor wishes to have his exhibition space cleaned thoroughly, then the Exhibitor must order the service at his own expense.


b) It is formally forbidden to discard voluminous waste or parts of a stand structure on the exhibition site. The Organisation Committee will conduct verifications after the Show ends. Exhibitors wishing to discard all or part of their stand structure after the show must obligatorily order the collection of voluminous waste to the Monaco Yacht Show’s Official Provider.


c) A caution of € 1,500 is demanded if a tent space or an air-conditioned tent space is booked.
For paying the caution, you must go to the Organiser’s secure website and make a credit card imprint. The card will only be debited if parts or the entire structures of the stand are left on your space location at the end of the show. The amount will be used to pay the supplier for collecting all the wastes (renting a dumpster, collecting and putting out the wastes, etc…). If you do not have any company’s credit card, you can exceptionally pay the caution by check. The check will not be cashed and will be sent back to you or destroyed at your demande in November 2018. Wire transfers are not accepted.


Access our secure website to make your waste caution deposit


d) General surveillance of the venue by night during the setting up and dismantling processes, as well as the Show itself, is provided by the Organiser. Surveillance begins on the first day of setting up and ends on the last day of dismantling. The Exhibitor is held responsible for the surveillance of his own property, particularly valuable objects on the exhibition space. If necessary, the Exhibitor must order a special surveillance service for the exhibition space if the objects exhibited are of great value. Notwithstanding the security service provided, the Organiser may not be held responsible for the disappearance of objects from the exhibition spaces.