Low volume of equipment (semi-equipped stands <15m²)

Park your car in one of Monaco's public car parks and deliver your own equipment (provide a trolley with wheels).


Delivery by a provider other than OMM

Your service provider must present a pass (to be completed here) at the entrances of the show to access the site (a copy to be given to each of your service providers if several companies must intervene on your stand).


Vehicle access -7.5 tons (goods vehicle, van, boxer ...)

Large volume of material

- Join the freight zone of Nouvelle Digue

- Order delivery on your equipment stand at OMM


Your equipment must be palletized beforehand or in boxes (if your material is deposited in bulk, a palletizing service will be invoiced on site € 80 / m3 (minimum 1m3), the cost of the delivery on stand not included).


Information to provide to your freight forwarder :

Name of the exhibitor,

Stand number,

Map to access to the freight zone Nouvelle Digue

GPS address of the freight zone Nouvelle Digue: avenue de la quarantaine, 98000 Monaco

Lat x Lon: 43,733205 x 7,427788.


Opening hours of freight zone "Nouvelle Digue" :

From 18/09/2019 to 22/09/2019: 8am-1pm and 2pm-6pm,
Monday 23/09/2019 and Tuesday 24/09/2019: 7am-1pm and 2pm-7pm.


Vehicle access +7.5 tons (heavy goods vehicles)

- Compulsory registration of trucks at the retention area: only semi-trailer trucks previously registered at the logistics area of the PAL (Logistics Activities Park, Nice-St-Isidore) will be allowed to reach the unloading area on port Hercules.

- Delivery of an authorization (blue badge) to your driver to reach the port Hercules.

- Unloading by OMM: OMM agents unload your truck on arrival and deliver your material to your stand (order unloading here).


Warning: any truck coming to Monaco without authorization delivered to the PAL will be sent back to the PAL to obtain its blue badge.


Delivery of your equipment from 19/09/2019 depending on your type of stand and your exhibition area.


Information to provide to your freight forwarder to reach the PAL (freight zone) :

Name of the exhibitor,

Stand number,

Map to access to freight zone at the PAL (from France / from Italy),


Opening hours of PAL freight zone for the setting-up :

From 16/09/2019 to 24/09/2019: 6am–7pm.


Storage and collection of empty packages :

There is no storage area for the packings of exhibition materials on Port Hercules. Two solutions to remove and store your empty packings after your exhibition material is unwrapped:


Directly by your own forwarder,

Contact Office Maritime  (OMM), MYS official logistics providers (service at the charge of the exhibitor). Please inform OMM of the approximate volume for empties' storage.


Removal and storage of empty packings by OMM before the show :

Identification of fragile material: OMM gives you red labels to stick on the empty packings reserved for fragile and priority materials only (TV screens, models, exhibition items, and toolbox). This identification will make the delivery of priority packings easier from the official closing of the show (28/09/2019, 6.30pm).


IMPORTANT: the excessive use of red labels on all your packings will prevent from identifying the real packings to deliver and all your packings will finally be delivered from 29/09/2019 in the morning instead of Saturday evening.