Collection of crates and empty packings by OMM when the show is over


Exhibition area Type of crates (empty packings, …) Return by OMM on your stall
All show areas Crates for fragile materials (red labels) From 29/09/2018, 6.30pm.
All show areas Crates and empty packings for the structures of your stand From Sunday 30/09/2018, 8am.

Quai Albert Ier

Crates and empty packings for the structures of your stand Due to the large number of empty crates to deliver to Quai Albert Ier specifically, OMM will be able to deliver most of the crates on Sunday 30/09/2018, in the afternoon only.


Collection of small-sized fragile packings / objects of value by OMM

The end of the show on Saturday 29/09/2018 from 6.30pm is a busy period. In order to avoid the theft or damaging of your small-sized fragile items or objects of value (that can be easily transported by hand), you can directly drop them off at the OMM desk from Saturday 29/09/2018 from 6.30pm (Official providers area at the Louis Chiron bend).


Important: the access to the show site is forbidden to any vehicles of the exhibitors on 29/09/2018until midnight. Only the OMM trucks are allowed to access the Port Hercules from 6.30pm.


Schedule to access the show site when it is over :

Vehicles under 7.5 tons: from midnight on 29/09/2018,

Vehicles over 7.5 tons: from 7am on 02/10/2018 (after their registration at the PAL).


All trucks arriving in Monaco on 29/09/2018 are stopped by the Monegasque police.


Access of vehicles under 7.5 tons

The access to the load areas next to the exhibition tents is only authorised to vehicles under 7.5 tons (commercial vehicle, minibus, van…) from 00:01 am on 01/10/2018.


If you would like to order the removal of your stand materials by OMM, please directly contact them.


You will be able to collect your materials at freight zone Nouvelle Digue from 01/10/2018 to 03/10/2018, (8am-1pm and 2pm-6pm).


Note: OMM works with a worldwide network of forwarders to make the resending of your materials in your country easier.


Access of vehicles over 7.5 tons

The access to Port Hercules is authorized to vehicles over 7.5 tons (heavy goods vehicles) from 7am on 02/10/2018.


The same as before the show, the vehicles over 7.5 tons will have to register at the freight zone of the PAL (acces from France / from Italy) to be authorised to reach the load areas on Port Hercules.


The heavy goods vehicle will park in transit at the PAL, waiting for a parking space available at the load area of port Hercules (a YELLOW badge will be delivered to the lorry driver and authorize him to follow the convoy to reach the port).


Once the heavy goods vehicle is parked on Port Hercules, OMM will load the stand materials into the vehicle (please directly contact OMM for planning the delivery on your stand).

ATTENTION PLEASE: any heavy goods vehicle not registered at the PAL before will not be allowed to access to Port Hercules and will therefore have to go to the PAL to collect a YELLOW badge.


Useful information

IMPORTANT: traffic forbidden in France from 29/09/2018 (10pm) to 30/09/2018 (10pm) for vehicles over 7.5 tons (heavy goods vehicles).


All vehicles over 7.5 tons will not be allowed to reach Port Hercules from Saturday to Tuesday morning. They will be directly stopped by the Monaco police (Sûreté Publique Monégasque) at the entrances of Monaco.


Information to provide to your freight forwarder :

Name of the exhibitor,

Stand number,

Map to access to freight zone at the PAL (access from France / from Italy )


Opening hours of freight zone at the PAL for the dismantling :

From 02/10/2018 to 03/10/2018, 8am – 7pm.