Goods arriving from outside the European Union should arrive in bond and covered by a transit permit for Monaco since these goods must be cleared through customs by the customs office closest to the exhibition site.


An OMM customs agent will be available at the show to deal with all customs formalities (desk located at the official providers area at the Virage Louis Chiron).


PLEASE NOTE! All goods, including samples and brochures for distribution, are subject to VAT. We therefore advise you to declare a minimum value for customs purposes. To avoid any disputation, do not hesitate to ask for advice from OMM.


Documents needed for customs clearance (goods arriving from outside EU) :

One copy of the pro forma invoices.


These invoices must contain the following information :

Name and address of the company,
Name of the show,
Identification of the exhibition stand (name of the zone and stand number),
Detailed description of the contents of all packages (an illustrated corporate brochure of the products (preferably two copies) will make the customs clearance easier),
Country of origin of the goods,
Customs status required: release for consumption or temporary admission.


Pro forma invoices and brochures should be sent to OMM one week before you ship your goods to OMM.


Please request for a quote to OMM by 31/07/2019 preferably.