Dismantling schedule

Exhibitor's commitment

Reminder: On Saturday, the MYS closes at 7pm.

- Do not dismantle your stand or remove exhibition material before 7pm on 28/09/2019.

- Respect the disassembly schedule below.



The MYS Organizing Committee reserves the right to move and store the equipment at your expense if you do not respect the disassembly schedule.


Custom-made stands


End of the setting-up

All areas

Tuesday 01/10/2019 until 1pm

Quai Antoine Ier

(Zones Starboard, Car Deck, Tenders & Toys)

Contact Jordane Ferreira

Quai Rainier Ier

Saturday 28/09/2019 (7pm – midnight)

Quai Rainier III

Sunday 29/09/2019 (until noon)

Specific stands: Double-deck pavilions


End of the setting-up

Quai des Etats Unis

Appontement Jules Soccal

Darse Sud (outdoor areas)

Contact Federica Ficarra

Semi-equipped stands 


End of the setting-up

All areas

Saturday 28/09/2019 (7pm – midnight)


Disassembly of the exhibition structures

Important: from Saturday 28/09/2019 at night, the stand structures will start to be dismantled (including the reserves built on the stands).


Waste removal tax

This tax ensures a recovery service of small waste (empty boxes, brochures, cutouts of the construction of the stand ...).

€ 9 VAT excl. / m² (see your application form).

It does not concern the evacuation of the structures of the stand.


Bulky waste

It is strictly forbidden to leave bulky waste, all or part of the stand on the show (stands are checked during the dismantling period).


Removal service

Order the removal of your bulky waste before the show.

Sabrina Sallen, MYS Technical and Sales Manager:


If you have not ordered the removal of your bulky, your deposit of € 1,500 € will be cashed (paid during registration) to pay the service.


Precaution on valuable material (avoid theft or damage)

Beware of valuable material! We strongly recommend that you pay particular attention to valuable equipment on your stand during assembly and dismantling hours, as flights are frequent during these busy periods.


The MYS Organizing Committee declines any responsibility for any material left by the exhibitor under supervision on his stand (see Insurance Policy).



  • Do not leave any valuable equipment (computer, video screen ...) on your stand on Saturday night unless this material is carefully packaged, labelled and to be picked up by the Monaco Maritime Office (OMM).


  • Deposit your small parcels or fragile / valuable parcels (transportable by hand) at the WMO filing point from Saturday 28/09/2019, 7pm (zone of the official service providers).


  • Recovery of your brochures, catalogues, flyer, etc.: Equipment to be stored in labelled cartons and to be picked up by the exhibitor or his service provider (see Removing the Equipment). Any printed material left loose will be thrown away. Theft or damage to this type of material is not covered by the MYS insurance policy.


Delivery of fragile / valuable small parcels directly to an OMM agent

Return of priority crates and empty crates of exhibitors by OMM