Each yacht shall supply the following requirements before 02/09/2019:


- Certificate of registry

- Insurance

- List of the crew


Documents to send to

These documents will be forwarded by the MYS Organisers to the Monaco Maritime Authorities.

Any yacht that would have not supplied these documents before her arrival at Port Hercules will not be able to reach her berth.


An information form on the yacht to exhibit must be completed in your Exhibitor Zone: My Dashboard > Promotion > My official page for Yacht (online form to complete by 01/09/2019. One form per yacht exhibited).


Timetable of the yacht arrivals at Port Hercules (MYS site)

The schedule for arrival of the yachts must be strictly adhered to. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach your berth and participate to the show.


The MYS Organisation Committee reserves the right to refuse access to a yacht arriving too late and is not able to reach its expected berth, without any indemnity being owed to the exhibitor.


Compulsory schedule for the yachts' arrivals and departures


Temporary border access for yacht

Yachts flying a foreign flag (from outside the European Union) including Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Isle of Man etc. are subject to Temporary Border Access.


This tax is included in the berth fees from the arrival date assigned by the MYS Organising Committee until the departure date set for the Sunday 29 September at 12:00pm (or Saturday 28 September from 7:00pm for the yachts located on the floating pontoons, Quai Rainier Ier Grand Amiral de France, Quai Rainier III and the yacht on H15 on the Quai l’Hirondelle).


By 23/08/2019, you must send a copy of the certificate of registry to the MYS Organisation Committee.
During the show, the certificate of registry shall be presented to the customs officer during his control of all yachts exhibited.


Note: If a yacht wishes to stay in Monaco or France after the end of the Show and continues its promotion for commercial purposes, the yacht will once more be subject to Temporary Border Access tax.


Mooring yacht in Port Hercules : Declaration to the Port Managing Company

An information form supplied in the Captain’s pack (hand delivered to the Captain when he enters the port) must be filled in and given to the MYS yacht contact on the first day of the yacht’s arrival.


From 24/09/2019 to 29/09/2019, at noon: the hire of moorings is handled by the MYS Organisation Committee (cost included in yacht exhibition fees).

Moorings are invoiced for each night spent in the port until noon the following day.


Before and after these dates, the hire of moorings is to be paid for by exhibitors, even if yachts are obliged to arrive as from 21/09/2019. These rental fees will be collected by the MYS Organisation Committee on behalf of SEPM (Monaco Ports Management Company).


During August 2018, you will receive a specific invoice for the nights that you are to pay for, calculated according to the compulsory arrival schedule for the yacht(s) exhibited. Invoices must be paid on receipt.


Declaration of waster water collection

It is compulsory to empty the tanks of the yachts before the arrival at Port Hercules.


Upon arrival the MYS will provide the Declaration of wastewater collection form to the Captain. Please complete clearly all sections of the forms in CAPITAL LETTERS.


The company Ecotank is at the exhibitor’s disposal for a last minute intervention:


Please contact ECO TANK for collecting your wastewater Mediterranean Sea: + 33 06 85 50 18 35, , www.ecotank.fr.


Please note that it is strictly forbidden to empty the wastewater in the Port Hercules and it will be asked to each yacht to declare the contents of the tanks upon arrival and before departure.


Deliveries on board the yacht

Before the MYS: we recommend you to plan the deliveries on board specifically on 21/09/2019 and 22/09/2019 due to the large number of exhibitors' vehicles stopped on the quays before the show.


During the MYS: deliveries on yacht before 10am or after 6.30 pm (beyond the opening hours). Any delivery necessary between 10am and 6.30pm (for a cocktail party, etc...) must receive a specific authorization by the MYS Organisation Committee.


Any supplier shall present an order form (or shipping form) for his client to enter the show.


Parking outside the areas for delivery is forbidden.


Management of the yacht during the show

It is strictly forbidden to move yachts during the show without written authorisation given by the MYS Organisation Committee. For safety reasons, the captain and crew must not leave the yacht unattended during its entire stay in Port Hercules.


In case of fire onboard, the Captain or any crew member must call immediately the fireman of Monaco by dialing "18" on a mobile or a fix.

We kindly invite you to dress the yacht for the duration of the Monaco Yacht Show and put the light on every evening so as to participate in the festal atmosphere of the show in the heart of Monaco.


Music playing on the yacht: if you organise a cocktail on your yacht or for an audio equipment demonstration, you must pay the possible copyrights to the Société des Auteurs et des Compositeurs de Musique, SACEM (contact details in the index of the official suppliers at the end of the guide).


Sorting and Recycling: at your arrival on your stand, you will receive yellow and blue bags to sort your packings and paper rubbishes. You can throw the bags in one of the waste collection points placed around the show site from the setting-up period to the end of the show (See container location layout). Food and any other non-recyclable waste should be thrown separately, in trash bags that you supply.


Radio communications: We remind you the regulatory points regarding radio communications in order to prevent harmful interferences towards terrestrial networks and forbid MCV services usage (mobile communication services on board vessels) when land-based mobile networks are available.


Information note for vessels by the Monaco Government.

Application form for temporary authorisation


End of the show, departure from Port Hercules

No authorisation for departure will be given before the end of the show, i.e. 28/09/2019 at 6.30pm.

Because of the large number of units exhibited, yachts will have to wait for their mooring lines to be detached in the harbor. The harbor master's office and diver team will do all they can to release yachts as rapidly as possible.


The yachts moored at the floating pontoons and at Quai Rainier 1er and Quai Rainier III shall leave their berth slots from Saturday 28/09/2019, at 6.30pm.


6.30pm: official end of the MYS! We invite all captains of exhibited yachts to sound their fog horns at 6.30pm precisely to celebrate the end of the MYS (signal given by the Port Hercules harbor master's office). Please inform your captain(s).