Electric power available on the port

Port Hercules has a limited quantity of electric supply boxes. The connection of your yacht is directly organised on site according to the availability of the electric plugs upon her arrival, according to the berth and the power required by the yacht.


The MYS Organisation Committee and Société Monégasque d'Electricité et du Gaz (SMEG) do not guarantee the availability of electric connections for all the yachts exhibited at the show and decline any liability.


If your yacht cannot be connected to the port, please use its generator.

Floating pontoons and Quai des Etats Unis : no electric connection available.


Note for tenders: a limited quantity of about ten electric supply boxes is set on th dock of the Monte Carlo Tender Show at the disposal of the tenders exhibited at the MYS. The connection of your tender is directly organised on site according to the availability of the electric plugs upon the arrival of the tender and the berth location.


Your contact: Davidson


Water connection

Water connections are available on all quays of Port Hercules.

No possible water connection for yachts exhibited at the Quai des Etats Unis.


Occupation of the quay

You are allowed to place the following items in front of your yacht (in front of the gangway) :
• a promotional signage of the yacht exhibited,
• a basket for shoes,
• a small carpet (1m x 1m).


Book an additional exhibition open-space

• If you wish to set more items facing the yacht, you must order an Open Air Space (OA Space) of 3m², which will be invoiced € 990 VAT excl. (€330 /m² VAT excl.).


• If you wish to add a sunshade umbrella, dimensions must be 1.50m x 1.50m, maximum size.


The MYS Organisation Committee will check the quays during the show. In case you don’t comply with this regulation, you will be charged the booking of an open-air space at € 990 VAT excl. with a 10% penalty fee (invoice issued after the show).


Please download, fill in and return the order form to your contact: Audrey Lorenzi (audrey@monacoyachtshow.mc) or Federica Ficarra (federica@monacoyachtshow.mc)


Please download your purchase order


Book a Welcome desk

If you wish to set up a reception desk for welcoming your guests onboard, you can order an MYS Welcome desk package. It includes :
• 1 welcome desk,
• 2 high stools,
• 1 parasol,
• 1 document display rack.





NB : the rental of the "Welcome desk" package with the MYS Organisation Committee commits yourself to confirm the good condition of the equipment upon its setting up, unless otherwise notified before the beginning of the show (Providers'area located at the entrance of Virage Louis Chiron).


The Providers area opens on 24/09/2018, from 8am to 8pm. You also commit yourself to return the rented exhibition equipment in good condition.


Handling of the MYS equipment rental

The loss of or damage to the exhibition equipment rented to the official providers of the MYS or lent by the MYS commits yourself to compensation payment after the show (reimbursement of the equipment upon invoicing that will be sent to you by the MYS).


It is strictly forbidden to install any equipment, panel or furniture on the walking alleys of the MYS.