Cooperation with the MYS Organisation Committee

All exhibitors, their representatives and their technical staff for the setting up of the stand commit themselves to cooperate with the MYS Organisation Committee in accordance with the regulations in force on the stand setting up, paying special attention to the safety and security of people.

In this respect, the MYS Safety Commission is allowed to warn any person on the construction area if necessary.


Schedule for setting up the stand / access to the site

It is strictly forbidden to finalise or modify the layout of the stands during the opening hours of the show.

 The access to the MYS construction area for the setting up of your stand is from 8am to 8pm. Nevertheless, the MYS Organisation Committee tolerates the intervention of your technical staff besides these hours to finalise the setting up of your stand. 


You shall respect these schedules. Please consult the mandatory schedule to finalise the setting-up.


In the event that your stand is not finalized within the required time, you will be charged:

  • +10% increase of the amount of the order for your booth at Monaco Yacht Show SAM.
  • Increase of the costs for removing your material by from OMM services:
  • + 20% between 7h01 and 19h59 (day)
  • + 50% between 8pm and 7am (night)



The access to the exhibition site is authorised for your providers upon presentation of the service provider pass that you must give them before their arrival in Monaco.


Access control

It is compulsory to hold a badge. All the exhibitors present at the show (staff on the stands and crew members of the yachts included) must permanently have on them the Monaco Yacht Show official badge during the opening hours (crew members of a yacht exhibited: badge to be carried during and beyond the opening hours of the MYS).

 Exhibitor badges to collect at the entrances of the air-conditioned tents of Quai Antoine Ier, Parvis Piscine and at the Quai Louis II entrance from 23/09/2019, 9am – 7pm.


Safety of the technical staff

Any person participating to the setting up and dismantling of the stand has to wear safety shoes.


Security of the exhibition areas

The Monaco Yacht Show ensures the daily security of the site 24/24 from 18/09/2019 to 01/10/2019.

 Nevertheless, we advise you to order the indivual surveillance of your stand (at your expenses) for the security of the valuable objects and equipment exhibited.  


Emergency exits

The alleys and emergency exits of the MYS must stay clear during the whole period of setting up and opening hours. The exhibitors or stand fitter must not leave any equipment, decorating element or bulky waste to block the way.

Accesses to emergency exits and the fire hydrants must be kept clear. You must compulsorily use the official entrances of the show to access to your stand; the emergency exits cannot be used as show accesses.


The consumption of alcohol and drugs is forbidden

Consumption of alcohol on-site is forbidden during the setting-up and dismantling phases as well as during the show. Consumption of illicit drugs on site is strictly forbidden at all times.


Food service regulation

 It is strictly forbidden to set up any cooking equipment on your stand. Checks of the food safety & health inspection service will be carried out during the show.

For dining, snacks / catering are available at The Upper Deck Lounge, Starboard and Café Lucciana. You can also order your meals at our catering service that delivers on the stands.


Access prohibited to animals

Dogs are not allowed within the MYS venue (except for blind people guide-dogs). Small size dogs are however tolerated. Any other animal is strictly forbidden.


Distribution of promotional documentations

Brochures, catalogues or any other advertising object can be handed out by the exhibitors within the MYS but you are not allowed to distribute them on a set spot of the show or to leave piles of documents in the show site.


Conditions of authorization of distribution of publications (of magazine type, newspaper, brochure):

  • On stands: only the official publication published by the exhibiting company.
  • On the MYS: only partner publications of the MYS.

Any publication distributed on the stands or in the enclosure of the MYS belonging neither to an exhibiting company nor the media partner of the MYS is prohibited.


Use of drones prohibited in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show

The government of the Principality of Monaco prohibits all use of drones in the Principality and its territorial waters during the period of activity of the Monaco Yacht Show. This period extends from Saturday September 21st at 8 am to Monday September 30th at 6 pm.

Any company responsible for unauthorized drone flights during the above-mentioned period will be liable to a fine of between €2250 and €9000 according to article 2 number 2 of the Monegasque penal code.


You are hereby informed that only MC CLIC, official supplier to the MYS, is authorized to use drones during the period of the Monaco Yacht Show. Please contact this company for any aerial photo or filming requirements (MC CLIC, Erwan Grimaud, ).