Should an emergency occur that necessitates an evacuation, an announcement will be made over the Audio system. Exit the building immediately via the nearest exit point and make your way on foot to the closest Assembly Point wher you will be kept informed of developments.


Download the emergency exit and meeting point layout


Please refrain from using mobile phones at this time. Whilst. When the emergency has ceased you will either be invited to return to the exhibition to resume normal business or advised to return the next day – in which case you will not be permitted to return to the exhibition to collect vehicles, bags, briefcases etc…


Please find below some tips for your pre-show team briefings.

Emergency phone numbers

Police: 112

Fire fighter: 18



If you are involved in or witness an accident, however small, at any point during your time on-site, it is your responsibility to report it to the Organisation Office.



To be safe in case of fire you should ensure to know:

Where to inform the hostesses or the security if your discover a fire,

Where the fire escapes/evacuation points routes are,

What the fire call sounds like,

The location of your fire meeting point.


Suspect packages

It is important to make constant checks to your stand to ensure that no unidentifiable packages, cases or bags have been deposited.

If you discover a suspect package you should:

Phone security or inform hostesses,

Give a full description of the package and location,

Do not approach, touch or move the package,

Do not use a mobile phone within 10 meter radius of the package.


Security recommendations for exhibitors

When planning your stand and briefing your staff, please consider and advise them for the following:

Evacuation procedures – what they should do and where their rendezvous points are.

In the event of an accident at the show or in Monaco – have hotel numbers and taxi details to hand.

Security measures: Never leave your stand unoccupied.

Check your valuables: Do you need them all on site or could some items be left at the hotel

Laptops: make sure they are secure and take them to the hotel each evening

Check your stand each morning – making sure no strange bags or packages have appeared