Please carefully read the insurance terms and conditions within the context of your participation to the Monaco yacht Show.


Do not leave personal belongings (wallets, glasses, cameras, mobile phones etc) unattended on stands as these items are not covered by the insurance policy.


Warranty remains valid: from 12/09/2019 until 03/10/2019.
Excess per claim: € 500.00.
The insurance cover for each exhibitor is € 3,050.00 in the event of a claim, the maximum compensation an exhibitor will receive is € 2,550.00, given the € 500.00 excess.
Accidental damage caused to electrical appliances is limited to € 1,525.00 per stand.


Breakages of fragile items (crystal, glass, china, earthenware, pottery, plaster) are limited to a single claim of € 1,500.00 per exhibitor; for any claim the maximum compensation an exhibitor will receive is therefore € 1,000.00.


This Warranty covers

Material, and/or objects and/or goods exhibited or used within the framework of the insured event. Unless otherwise expressly stated, this warranty covers all material damage including theft and loss which the insured goods undergo in sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. This warranty applies to the site of the event and is subject to specified conditions.



Transport, loading, unloading,
Cash and valuables, luggage,
Merchandise, food (including vegetables) and refreshments intended for unpaid consumption by clients of the Show,
Personal effects and possessions, pets, jewellery, precious stones or precious metals, furs,
Scrapes or scratches, cigarette burns, graffiti, spray paint, or stains. 

Brochure, flyers, catalog, and any other publication used for commercial purposes during the show.


Claiming for damage or theft

In the event of damage, theft or any other material harm and/or vandalism, the Exhibitor must forthwith inform the Show organisers as soon as the damage is discovered, within no more than 48 hours of the Show's closing. This will allow for all necessary measures to be taken. A list of the required documents for making a claim will then be sent to the Exhibitor.


Contact: Laura Mangraviti –, Tel : (+377) 93 10 41 70


Non-exhaustive list of documents to be presented to the MYS Organising Committee in the event of damage, theft, various forms of deterioration or vandalism:

In the event of theft, an official statement must be made at the proper authorities, the Monaco Police Station (Sureté Publique de Monaco) within five days following the said theft. An original insurance attestation must be submitted to the show organisers.

A detailed statement including the name of the Exhibitor, the date, time of the damage and the order in which the events took place, and an honest and sincere account of loss declarations must be authentic and made on company letterhead or with the company stamp.

Invoices and bills of sale for the objects or material damaged or stolen (specify if the amounts include VAT).

For damaged objects, please provide a repair estimate (specify if the amounts include VAT).

For stolen items, please provide a replacement estimate (specify if the amounts include VAT).


Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list, and we may in the future require further documents in order to process a claim for damages.