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Pro-environmental commitments

Since 2005, the Monaco Yacht Show has been committed to an eco-friendly approach and has been raising awareness of environmental issues among the local and international yachting community.

2005 - 2009: the MYS joined forces with Carbon Neutral to assess its carbon footprint and to support several international ecological projects.

Since 2010: the MYS partnered up with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, financing and promoting environmental protection projects led by the Foundation's scientific teams.

2022: The MYS signs the pact for Monaco's energy transition mission and commits to the eco-responsible evolution program of the Informa group.

2022 - 2025: The MYS commits to a carbon neutrality transition plan (Read the transition plan).

1. Pro-environmental awareness as part of the Show’s planning (during the Show and throughout the year)

a. The MYS signs Monaco’s Mission for Energy Transition pact

The organisers of the MYS are committed to respecting the pact set forth by the Government of Monaco – both during preparations throughout the year and during the Show – the aim of which is to reduce Monaco's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The pact consists in a Charter of Commitment that unites all local players around three main energy transition topics: mobility, waste and energy. Annual action plans indicate each member’s objectives for the energy transition, highlighting the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions they will avoid.

1. Mobility:

  • Planning videoconferences instead of business trips,
  • Providing bus tickets for exhibitors (from set-up to dismantling after the Show),
  • Providing a free electric shuttle service between the different parts of the exhibition.

2. Waste:

During the show:

  • Implementing a more efficient waste recycling system (as soon as the show starts being set up), additional waste bins and additional staff for collecting and sorting waste,
  • Using signposting and communication materials that can be reused for at least two editions of the MYS,
  • Carpets in exhibition tents: installation of reused carpets that'll be reused at the end of the show.

3. Energy:

During the show:

  • Carrying out energy consumption and carbon emission assessments of the event, the results of which will be used as a basis for concrete actions.
  • The Monaco Yacht Show is committed to sustainability by using only green electricity for its operations.

b. Specific actions implemented by the MYS

Solutions already in place:

  • Distributing reusable water bottles (by the company Wet),
  • Setting up bins for cigarette butts at the Show’s entrances (the Show is non-smoking) and raising visitors' awareness of Monaco’s fight to keep its streets clean.

Upcoming solutions:

  • Recommending that exhibitors provide water cartons at their stands instead of plastic bottles,
  • Informing exhibitors on how to build their stands in a more eco-friendly way,
  • Raising exhibitors' awareness regarding the need for improved waste management at their stand.

The MYS will analyse the carbon footprint of the 2023 edition. The results (after the Show) will give rise to recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint of future editions.

c. The MYS is part of the Informa Group's eco-responsible development programme

The Informa group has devised a programme of socially responsible and ecological actions for all of its events.
From 2022 onwards, the Monaco Yacht Show is committed to implementing a set of 12 fundamental principles as part of a 3-year programme.

2. Support for organisations and foundations

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Since 2010, the MYS has supported the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) and its programme of international environmental actions.
Each year, the MYS and the Informa Group (which owns the Show) make donations to the Sovereign Prince's Foundation (€52,000 in 2023).
In 2023, the MYS contributed to the preservation of ice core heritage through the “Ice Memory” programme. Its objective is to study climate change and its effects by preserving data from the world’s glaciers (4-year project ending in 2025, led by the Grenoble Alpes University Foundation, France).

Blue Marine Foundation

The MYS helps promote the annual London2Monaco cycling race organised by the Blue Marine Foundation. The race – welcomed to Monaco on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show by the Sovereign Prince himself – is a promotional fundraising campaign aimed at financing the foundation’s environmental projects.

3. Creation of the Sustainability Hub

At the MYS 2022, the new Sustainability Hub is set to showcase sustainable solutions and eco-friendly projects that will minimise superyachts’ environmental footprint.

With support from throughout the yachting industry and from the Water Revolution Foundation, the MYS’ new business incubator features companies that are already recognised for their expertise in the field, as well as start-ups specialising in technological solutions and eco-friendly concepts that aim to reduce the environmental footprint of superyachts.

The Sustainability Hub will be a major milestone in the history of the Monaco Yacht Show, which is set to take on a leading role in showcasing innovative and future sustainable yachting solutions.

In order to exhibit at the Sustainability Hub, companies must meet a number of criteria set forth by the Water Revolution Foundation. This will help promote viable pro-environmental solutions and truly innovative projects in the yachting industry.