Monaco Yacht Summit

Are you planning to charter, buy or build your yacht?
Your project must remain an exceptional life experience.

The Monaco Yacht Summit brings together a panel of industry experts who deals with the practical aspects of superyachting in depth to guide your project in the best possible way.

You’ll receive the main information to know about superyachting to improve your visit experience to the show.

The Monaco Yacht Summit is proposed by the organisers of the Monaco Yacht Show to give visitors a better experience in the world of superyachting.

Organised since 2016, the MYSummit is exclusively reserved for yacht owners and charterers (wishing to improve their knowledge), prospective customers, their representatives or private wealth managers.

The Monaco Yacht Show reserves the right to decline any request to participate in the Monaco Yacht Summit.

For any enquiry, please contact

Monaco Yacht Summit:
- Understand the superyachting industry today
- Ask all practical questions to better understand your yacht charter or purchase project
- Receive personalised answers from case studies,
- Share your superyachting experience to make the next one even more exceptional
- Discuss with recognised industry experts